Alberta’s newest soccer association.

Spartan youth

We believe that soccer should be about developing your child in a progression that creates desire for more. We focus upon an environment that gets your child to where they need to be to grow their confidence and skills. We reject factory style training systems. We felt something was missing in the current soccer training systems.

We believe training should be frequent and we understand that this may not fit with all family lifestyles. We offer training via 2X weekly and 3X weekly formats. All children start in Phase 1 and are assessed by the coaches for development path and moved as needed to peers and coaching style.

Skyrocket your skills and shoot past everyone

Spartan Soccer retains coaches with unique talent that hold decades of history as players from the Premier League, International, National, Semi-Pro, and military teams. After their competitive careers ended, their passion went to coaching. Register your children in Spartan Youth and see the difference.

Current training programs


We are different: We guarantee results or full refund.

Phase 1

  •  2x weekly on M-W
  • 3x weekly on M-W-F
  • Normally 1 game/weekend
  • 6pm and 7:15pm
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to start
  • 1 hour sessions
  • Start on time without delay
  • Late arrivals must ask permission to join
  • 2x weekly (8 sessions ) fee: $80
  • 3x weekly (12 sessions) fee: $120